Advantages of Filigree Wideslab® Construction

Filigree is Economical:
Efficient use of the Filigree method reduces cost of concrete structures.

Filigree Reduces Labor:
The prefabrication technology in Filigree reduces the need for field skilled and unskilled trades. Although all trades are represented, fewer are needed for each task with a reduction in payroll needs and enhanced cash flow.

Filigree Saves Time:
Filigree structures go up fast. High production rates of up to 50,000 sqft. per 5 day week can be achieved.

Filigree Eliminates Field Forming and Reduces Shoring Requirements.

Filigree is Easy to Use:
All Work is done in a traditional manner, familiar to all trades.

Filigree Reduces the Volatility and Uncertainty of Construction Cost:
Filigree method of construction is less dependent on field labor and field labor productivity. It will substantially reduce the overall labor/material cost ratio.

Filigree Quality is Superior:
The final product is a combination of the most desirable properties inherent to poured in place and precast, pre-stressed construction, In addition, Filigree Wideslabs® are cast in polished steel molds, and will greatly enhance the appearance of any concrete structure.

Filigree Resists Sound Transmission:
Certified reports confirm that Filigree can meet the strictest requirements of sound resistance for residential and institutional use.

Filigree Structures are Fire-Rated:
The system has fire resistance ratings up to 4 hours established through a full scale fire resistance test at the Underwriter Laboratories.

Filigree is Environmentally Friendly:
Many trees are saved by the elimination of wood and plywood framing.

Filigree design complies with current ACI and IBC Building Codes.

The Filigree Composite Concrete Deck System has been Fire Tested and Rated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL):
The Filigree Wideslab® System fire resistance testing confirmed it’s capability to sustain an over-four hour fire test, maintaining it’s full integrity and load capability, without any signs of delamination.